November 11, 2017

Forage Hawaii – Farm to Table Dinner

Forage Hawaii - Farm to Table Dinner

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About the event:

This farm to table event starts with a behind the scenes tour of Mari’s Gardens – Hawaii’s leading aquaponic and hydroponic farm.  From there you will be whisked away to a truly one of a kind dining experience where you will get to enjoy a 5-course tasting menu prepared by chef Sarah Burchard (a.k.a. The Healthy Locavore) featuring local meats and produce from Mari’s Gardens, listen to guest speakers from Hawaii’s emerging meat industry and be the first to hear about a new product launch announcement from Jessica Rohr of Forage Hawaii.

We will be providing a refreshing farm to glass non-alcoholic beverage. We invite you to bring your favorite wine, beer or anything else you love to accompany your meal with. Wine glasses will be provided.

About the presenters:

Forage Hawaii distributes high quality meats from local Hawaiian farms strait to the consumer through farmer’s markets and direct ordering. Forage partners with farms that use sustainable, humane and natural farming practices. Their mission is to spread awareness about local farms, the nutritional benefits of natural farming and to make local meats more accessible to Hawaii residents.

The Healthy Locavore is a food and lifestyle blog written by Sarah Burchard. Sarah is a health coach, personal chef and freelance writer based in Honolulu. She is fiercely dedicated to supporting her community and sources locally grown and produced ingredients for all of her nutritious and culturally inspired dishes.

About the sponsors:

2Lady Farmers is owned and operated by Patsy Oshiro and Stacy Sugai. Their mission is to provide locally, sustainably raised pork to Hawaii and pave the way for the next generation of pig farmers. Raised on macadamia nut cakes, their pork has a clean, sweet flavor and has been farmed naturally with no hormones or antibiotics.

2Lady Farmers

Maui Nui Venison is committed to sourcing wild,  axis deer from responsible suppliers. Their product is USDA certified and 100% local. The largest from the tropical deer species, axis deer have evolved in Hawaii without the stresses of seasons, migrations and predators resulting in a less then 1% intra-muscular fat and a subtle, full flavored taste.

Maui Nui Venison

Makaweli Ranch is the direct link from ranch to table. They are dedicated to providing premium, 100% natural, wild harvest and free-range meats. They think globally, source locally and are proud to follow the Robinson family’s legacy of land preservation, environmental consciousness, self-sustaining agriculture and the humane treatment of livestock.

Makaweli Ranch

About the venue:

Mari’s Gardens is a USDA organic aquaponic and hydroponic farm in Mililani. They are proud to set the highest quality standards for this emerging industry assuring that their produce is both safe and healthy. They are dedicated to providing locally grown produce to the people of Hawaii while having the least environmental impact.

Mari's Gardens