“Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are.” – Brillat-Savarin

This is who I am and what The Healthy Locavore is all about…

Food Love

I fell in love with food when I was a child. My dad would simmer tomato sauce all day, looking and sounding euphoric as he tasted it in its various stages of cooking. Cooking and dining with him made the same passion for food simmer within me.

As a teen, I appointed my mom as my guinea pig. It was just us then, so I used to cook her dinner to contribute and experiment. I will never forget the batch of pad thai that I drowned in fish sauce. My mom and I looked at each other with disgust after tasting it, then laughed hysterically as I opened a box of macaroni and cheese.

I started subscribing to food magazines and buying cookbooks. Anthony Bourdain’s “Kitchen Confidential” convinced me that the kitchen was where I belonged. His books also inspired my writing style, which is honest and authentically me.


Working as a restaurant chef taught me where food came from, how to cook it, and how to translate my passion into something beautiful on a plate that could be shared. Making people happy with a meal that I cooked for them made me happy.

All that was missing was self-care. My work schedule was insane. I was sleep-deprived and living off of processed foods and booze. I had not seen my dad in over a year when he passed away. Reluctantly, I knew that it was time for a change.

I became an entrepreneur in 2010 and developed a more balanced lifestyle. I transformed my health by eating local, organic, whole foods. I learned that food was medicine and pharmaceuticals were not. I started practicing yoga. I began prioritizing time with family and friends.

Every “aha!” moment fueled my passion to share my insights with others. I shifted my style of cooking to support health in 2012. I decided three years later that I wanted to go back to school to study holistic nutrition and earn my health coaching certification. The Healthy Locavore was created so that I could inspire and enrich peoples lives.

The Healthy Locavore

I am food-obsessed. I salivate over any kind of market, eatery, show and book that can inspire my own creations. I thrive on making healthy, vibrant meals from scratch using the BEST ingredients. I support my community by using locally grown or made items that are also superior in nutrition and taste. I never compromise on quality.

At the same time, food does not have to be expensive to be an experience. I view everything I eat as precious: a juicy nectarine; homemade granola; a big, fat, grass-fed steak. I consider eating to be a special occasion and an opportunity to nourish myself, not just to fill up.

I also never eat as if I am on a diet. As my grandfather always said, “Everything in moderation – including moderation.” If I want pizza and beer, I enjoy them too. I want to love the way that I feel as well as love the way that I live.

Local Inspiration

I strive to infuse you with my passion for food. I offer healthy recipes, encourage you to eat naturally farmed, local ingredients to support your health, your community and the environment and I invite you to establish and to enjoy a health routine that serves you.

My mission is to inspire you to feel, look and live the way that you desire to and to support my local community.

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