Natto Miso

Nattoh Miso

Natto miso is a sweet, chunky, chutney like miso. Not to be confused with Natto,  pungent smelling and gooey soybeans fermented with the bacillus stills bacteria. Natto miso takes it’s name from natto because of the similarity in appearance, both containing whole soybeans, but is much more approachable for most westerners.

Natto miso is made by fermenting a mixture of cooked soybeans, barley miso (koji), barley malt, kombu, ginger & sea salt (or shoyu). It’s delicious used as a condiment for rice, tofu, vegetables & meats or used as a spread on rice crackers. It should not be cooked as that would kill all of it’s beneficial bacteria.

Health bennies – High in probiotics which are very good for digestion and therefore strengthen your immune system. The addition of kombu here gives you an added boost in calcium, antioxidants and other essential vitamins & minerals. Ginger is also very good for digestion.

Locally you can find natto miso in the bulk section at Rainbow Grocery

You can also Buy natto miso online

If you would like to make your own I suggest buying the book The Art of Fermentation

Oooooh baby I like it raw!


Ok so Ol’ Dirty Bastard was probably not singing about food in his song Shimmy Shimmy Ya but that doesn’t mean raw food isn’t something to sing about. When plant based foods are consumed raw (below a temperature of 108-116 degrees, but not frozen either) the enzymes remain intact. Enzymes are what break down our food into something our body can use. When food is cooked most of it’s enzymes are destroyed and our bodies have to work harder to digest it. The immune system reacts to the cooked food as a toxin and your body has to create it’s own enzymes to break it down. This can deplete energy and leave you feeling tired after a meal. Eating raw foods removes this burden. Keeping the enzymes intact provides us with maximum energy and 100% of the food’s nutrition while using minimal body effort. Eating 51% raw foods each day can have a huge impact on your immune system. An 80% raw, organic, plant based diet is ideal for an abundantly healthy lifestyle.

Using raw foods to detox

Want to help out your digestive system even more? Make a shake. Blending or juicing your fruits and vegetables before ingesting them takes half of the work out of digestion because you have already pureed them up. Drinking green shakes are a great way to detox, get many different types of nutrients into your body at once and reboot your health.

Reasons to detox:

– You consistently eat foods that produce inflammation (foods that contain white flour, white sugar, unhealthy oils, high-fructose corn syrup, preservatives, additives, etc. )

– You have a high stress lifestyle and/or negative thoughts & emotions.

– To eliminate toxins that have entered your body from poor quality air, alcohol, prescription drugs, allergens, contact with chemicals, etc.

You have to get the toxins out of your body in order for your body to be able to absorb nutrients.

***Another great way to detoxify everyday is to drink 1-2 liters of warm water (the addition of lemon is also great for your urinary tract) before you eat or drink anything in the morning. This wakes your organs up, that have been asleep all night, to start working efficiently and flush out toxins.

*Favorite brand –

At OMpower’s OM-made To Go Fuel Bar (where I sell my line of healthy pre-packaged foods) we carry a line of cold-pressed juices from Urban Remedy. They taste great and are ideal either for a cleanse or a boost of nutrition in your day.

Check out Urban Remedy’s website or pick up a bottle at OMpower located at 66 Townsend St. San Francisco, CA

Coconut water

fresh coconut
Fresh coconut at Trouble Coffee in SF

My brother and his girlfriend were the first ones to turn me on to coconut water. I drank it at first to ward off & treat hangovers. Although that still is very much the case it’s also very replenishing after a good work and has significant health benefits. Drinking fresh coconut water strait out of a coconut is the best and most delicious. For me the canned versions are more accessible but more of an acquired taste. I usually have something to eat along side with them which makes it more palatable for me. *Favorite brand – For the fresh stuff I like local spot, Trouble Coffee & Coconut Club. They serve young Thai coconuts with a straw and a spoon for scooping. (They are also known for their giant pieces of toast covered in either cinnamon sugar or peanut butter and honey.) Whole foods is now carrying fresh coconuts ready to drink too. For the store bought stuff try Invo, Blue Monkey, ZicaAmy & Brian All Natural Coconut Juice,  or Zola (carried at OMpower), all great brands.

Health Bennies:

– High in electrolytes and therefore is ultra hydrating and replaces the body’s fluids and minerals lost during physical activities.

– High in potassium, magnesium, vitamin C , calcium.

– Contains cytokinin, which protects cells from aging and cancer.

– Fat free, cholesterol free and naturally low in sugar

– Improves digestion and metabolism.

– Anti-bacterial, antioxidant & anti-viral immune system booster.

How to purchase:

– The fresh stuff is usually superior to commercially packaged coconut water. If your buying fresh look for young green coconuts 4-6 months old. Most of them come from Thailand.  If you are going for commercially packages look for non pasteurized, non concentrated and with no preservatives.

Trouble Coffee

1730 Yosemite Ave. SF (Bayview-Hunters Point)


4033 Judah St. SF (Outer Sunset)

Open 7am-7pm everyday