Private Coaching

Finding the right coach to fit your life is a very personal decision.

If you have been stuck and cannot seem to figure out what your next move is private coaching can be very helpful.

Whether it be getting your health back on track or making important career decisions, coaches acts as guides to support and encourage you. They ask the important questions that enable you to look at your situation through new eyes, they point out destructive behaviors or habits that are currently blocking you and they help you find solutions that will work for you. All while providing accountability and a safe space to flesh out ideas.

The number one piece of feedback I hear from clients is how much coaching has brought an awareness to their lives that they didn’t have before.

Private coaching has been invaluable for my personal success and I often check back in with my own coach when I can’t figure out a problem on my own. I always feel so much better after a session.

Darya Rose Ph.D – 

Health Coach specializing in science based nutrition and how to lose weight without dieting. *No longer accepting clients

Work with Darya

Amy Wong –

Life Coach specializing in re-framing techniques and how to find your true life’s purpose.

Work with Amy

Nick Palladino

Life Coach specializing in stress management, nutrition, meditation and fitness.

Work with Nick

Natasha Lindor

Career and lifestyle Coach specializing in creating work-life harmony and helping you to find success and happiness.

Work with Natasha

Kara Miller

Personal development and empowerment using yoga philosophy.

Work with Kara