The Healing Powers of Salt

Sea salt

Have you ever had a salt-water fish tank? If you have you know that as the water evaporates in the tank the salinity level increases requiring you to add more fresh water to maintain the correct salt to water ratio for the fish to thrive in.

Our bodies, like the salt-water tank, also require a certain salt to water ratio. Except that when we sweat and lose water in our “tank” the salt in our body seeps out our pours with it. Therefore, we must not only replenish water in our “tanks” but the salt too.

The Balance of salt and water in the body is crucial.

Do you wonder why sports drinks contain electrolytes? Electrolytes are essentially salts. When you work out or play sports you sweat. Electrolytes are placed in sports drinks to quickly replenish your body with salt and water. It is important to replenish with both salt and water to maintain proper balance and to stay hydrated.

Ever notice that you get a little swollen when you are dehydrated? Your body has too much salt and not enough water. You need to add water to balance your salinity.

Have you ever had athletes foot? Salt water not only balances the insides of your body but the outside too. Salt alkalizes the body. If you have a foot fungus it means that the PH level of your skin in that area is off. In other words your skin is too acidic and not enough alkaline. Soaking the foot in salt-water alkalizes the foot and brings the PH level of your skin back to the proper level.

What about muscle cramps or stiffness? This usually means you don’t have enough salt in your body. Time to re-balance. Taking a soak in an Epsom salt bath is a great way to do this.

If you aren’t sure if you need to replenish salt in your body don’t worry it is still safe to consume. Your body will take in the amount of salt it needs and eliminate the rest as long as you drink enough water.

Salts I recommend for food

Not all salts are created equal. Salts that have been processed have been stripped of many of their trace minerals and can often contain chemicals and additives. Eating processed foods high in sodium will not give you the same nutrional benefits that seasoning your food moderately with natural, pure salts will.

Here are the salts I suggest you use for seasoning your food with for nutritional benefit. They each contain all 82 trace minerals needed to adequately balance the body and are harvested naturally making them unprocessed and pure.

Celtic Sea Salt

This salt is naturally harvested in Brittany, France near the Celtic Sea,. The clay found in the salt fields where this salt is harvested ionizes the minerals in the salt and is what creates its grey color. Because of the clay this salt will appear damp.

Himalayan Salt

Mined by hand in and around Kewra, Pakistan in the Himalayas. There are several different mines supplying this prized salt, some have higher standards than others. It is naturally pink in color.

Red Hawaiian Alaea Salt

Hawaii’s Alaea volcanic clay is what makes this salt a deep red color and gives it an have amazing flavor. Because of the clay this salt will appear damp.

Salts I recommend for skin

Adding a couple cups of salt to a hot bath relaxes, restores and heals the body.

Himalayan Salt

This salt works great added to baths to balance the PH of your skin, detoxify and to relax muscles and joints.

Epsom salt

Otherwise known as Magnesium sulfate, this salt can be used both externally (in hot baths) or orally (as a form of laxative). This salt is known to relax sore muscles and heal achy joints, minor cuts and skin funguses when used in a hot bath.

Salts I recommend for drinking

Celtic grey salt

Add a pinch of this salt to a large glass of lukewarm water to drink every morning. This will replenish minerals, hydrate you and balance the PH level in your mouth and body.

Coconut water

A great alternative to sugary sports drinks. Coconut water is naturally high in electrolytes making it a perfect drink for replacing the body’s fluids and minerals lost after a good work out. If you have access to young green coconuts and are handy with a cleaver you’re stoked. If you are into convenience look for unpasteurized, unflavored coconut water that contains no preservatives. For the store bought stuff Harmless Harvest, Invo, Blue Monkey, Zico, Amy & Brian All Natural Coconut Juice and Zola are all great brands.

Natural Salt Health Bennies:

  • Regulates blood pressure – Helps raise low blood pressure and lower high blood pressure if consumed with plenty of water.
  • Clears mucus – Relieves congestion.
  • Balances blood sugars – Good for people with diabetes.
  • Maintains a healthy PH balance in the body – Both inside and out. The alkalinity of the salt balances excess acidity in the body to restore a proper PH balance.
  • Good for the immune system – Promotes a higher resistance to illness and infections and helps heal the body quicker after an injury.
  • Promotes good sleep – Creates a calming effect on the nervous system.
  • Prevents muscle cramps – Not enough salt in the body can cause cramps. Replenish minerals needed by consuming salt with plenty of water.
  • Treats joint pain and stiffness and sore muscles – Relaxes and restores minerals to problem areas.
  • Combats fatigue – Restoring sodium and trace minerals back into the body when deprived can increase energy in our cells.
  • Keeps brain cells healthy – Contributes tho their ability to communicate clearly and process information efficiently.

So, does salt heal everything? Maybe not, but it sure can ease a lot of common ailments and is an important element for maintaining balance in the body. Natural salt can be a great tool as long as you remember these key points: use naturally harvested pure salts, consume in moderation and consume with plenty of water. Whether it be in a bathtub for soaking, in a glass for drinking or to be drunken throughout the day to balance the salt in your meals plenty of water is always needed to balance the salt “in your tank”.

What do you think? Do you believe salt promotes healing or do you think it is bad for your health and contributes to problems like high blood pressure? I would love to hear your opinion in the comments section.