Yoga Instructors

I credit yoga for saving my life after going through a severe case of burnout. It is a spiritual and physical journey that only you can take yourself on when you are ready. Choosing a yoga teacher, I have come to discover, is a very personal thing. The good ones are not for everyone.

If you are interested in taking yoga classes these teachers are the best of their kind in my opinion. Each one is unique and offers a full journey in every class. Click on each teacher to find out where you can practice with them.

San Francisco, CA

Yvonne Kingsley – Public Vinyasa classes, yoga retreats

Shannon Bronson – Public Vinyasa classes, meditation

The Big Yogi – Private & public Vinyasa classes, personal training, life coaching

Bryant Chu – Public Vinyasa classes

Jordanna Dworkin – Public and private Vinyasa, Barre and Pilates classes

Oahu, HI

Yoko Fujiwara – Mysore Ashtanga practice

Jennifer Reuter – Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing

Cecilia Ryan – Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga Nidra

Sarah McTee – Vinyasa Yoga, Kirtan

Kilty Yoga – Power Vinyasa Yoga, alignment focused

Kara Miller – Power Vinyasa Yoga

Big Island, HI

Maya Parish – Private and public yoga steeped in the philosophy and spirituality of the tantric tradition.